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South Korean president expressed her apologies over ferry mishap

The tragedy encountered recently by Korea has prompted South Korean President Park Geun-Hye to offer an apology (more…)

Samsung hits success over Obama’s selfie with baseball player

It’s indeed a celebration for Samsung after a viral marketing move on Wednesday when a Boston Red Sox baseball star used one of its smartphones to capture a selfie at the White House with Barack Obama. (more…)

Obama re-elected defeats Romney

obama wins

It was indeed a victory for President Obama (more…)

Obama: ‘People have spoken in Egypt’

barrack obama

On Friday, US President Barack Obama said that the people of Egypt had spoken and would settle for nothing less than “genuine democracy,” (more…)

Two Koreas cross fire at the border

korea crossfire

North Korea fired artillery shells at South Korea prompting the latter to retaliate.  (more…)

After California loss, Republicans unable to capture US Senate

us flag

According to results and exit polls reported by US media from key toss-up states, opposition Republicans were unable to take control of the US Senate from President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party in mid-term elections on Tuesday (more…)

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick forecasted winner in Massachusetts

deval patrick

Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick, a close ally  of President Barack Obama, was expected to win re-election in Massachusetts. (more…)

Election 2010 Results Updates via Republican newsroom

election 2010

Would you want to be updated with the election results? (more…)

Tea Party’s Rand Paul Has Won Kentucky Senate Race

rand paul

Republicans obtained their victories of the midterm election, with Tea Party-backed Rand Paul in Kentucky and former Sen. Dan Coats in Indiana declared winners (more…)

Andrew Cuomo wins against Carl Paladino in N.Y. governor’s race

Son of three-term governor Mario Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo,  has promised an important change during the campaign. (more…)

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