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Barack Obama inspired by his wife

michelle obama and barrack obama

President Barack Obama could not resist to express his gratitude as he gives his wife Michelle a kiss (more…)

President Obama on ASEAN summit in New York

asean summit

A senior US official on Friday confirmed that US President Barrack Obama’s summit with Southeast Asian leaders has been set for September 24 in New York. (more…)

Obama: 'most urgent task' is to restore US economy


On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama emphasized his "most urgent task" is to restore the American economy and get the unemployed back to work. (more…)

Obama to announce the nation as troops withdraw from Iraq


After the invasion of seven-and-a-half years  that rapidly brought down Saddam Hussein but end much longer and insisted that many more lives than anyone expected, the president will announce the nation from the Oval Office. (more…)

Wyclef Jean Disqualified From Haiti's Presidential Race

wyclef jean

After deciding to run as President of Hati, Wyclef Jean’s attempt for the position ended (more…)

Murray and Rossi to face off in November Senate race

patty murray

According to reports, Republican Dino Rossi will face up to incumbent U.S. Sen. Patty Murray in the November general election. (more…)

Obama Swimming at Gulf of Mexico

obama and daughter sasha

Nope, it’s not a snap from a popular beach in Hawaii, but it’s Obama and his daughter Sasha at Florida waters. These waters had been part of those affected by the BP oil spill. (more…)

Obama's Mosque Remarks Resound


Remarks made  by President Barack Obama about  supporting the right to construct a mosque near Ground Zero resounded across the country, creating a debate over the New York City project. (more…)

Obama calls it 'unacceptable' for any oil spill payout delays

oil spill

US President Barack Obama on Saturday urged prompt processing of compensation claims (more…)

Naomi Campbell denies she knows "blood diamonds"

Naomi Campbell Blood Diamonds

In the letter of Chief Executive Officer of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund ("NMCF"), "NMCF has never received any donation of diamond or diamonds from Ms. Campbell or from anyone else." (more…)

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