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President Obama's Birthday Bash

president obama

President Obama will turn 49 today with a dinner bash with friends in Chicago, (more…)

Wyclef Jean Agrees to run for President

wyclef jean

Hip-hop performer Wyclef Jean is set to announce his interest to submit his application for candidacy as president of Haiti. (more…)

Extension of unemployment benefits, signed by President Obama


The  U.S. lawmakers has voted to bring back the extended jobless benefits. (more…)

Obama to US Congress: Immigration reform

President Obama 

In a speech of U.S. President Barrack Obama delivered last Thursday at the American Univeristy in Washington D.C., (more…)

Conservative Santos, the new Colombia's president

juan manuel santos

Juan Manuel Santos, Conservative ex-defense minister  gained victory (more…)

Britain's Election, Branded "Third World"

officials handling the crowd during chaotic election day

The Election system of Britain was so appalling that it was branded as "third world." (more…)

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