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2010 Presidentiables, who are they?

1.  Noynoy AquinoNoynoy Aquino who claims himself not corrupt unlike any other else yet called by other presidentiables as hiding from the shadows of his parents name — hasn’t proven anything yet.








2.  Manny Villar, a billionaire spending his own money for his campaign worth hundreds of millions already.  A man from rags to riches, accused of the controversial corruption from the C-5 extension project wherein the P200 million project had a double entry. Ranked #2 in Pulse Asia’s SWS survey for 2010 elections but considered tie since the survey had a ±2 margin of error.






3.  Erap EstradaErap Estrada, known as former movie action star with slogan "para sa mahirap" and "itutuloy ang laban" — due to the pre-termination of his term after being ousted and replaced by the current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo







4.  Gilberto "Gibo" TeodoroGilbert "Gibo" Teodoro (administration standard bearer), coming from nowhere but gaining respect and popularity from clear, straight to the point, and impressive answers in presidential debates.






5.  Eddie VillanuevaEddie Villanueva, religious leader claims to change the world, the Philippines.  Known as the founder and leader of the Jesus is Lord Church prior to joining the politics.  In 2004, he lost to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and placed last in the field of five candidates.






6.  Dick GordonMayor Richard "Dick" Gordon, a man of action, teamed up with Bayani Fernando (calls themselves — "the transformers"), believes that discipline is the need to make Philippines grow.   Known with his achievements in Subic as Olongapo City’s Mayor as chairman and chief executive of the Subic Authority appointed by Mrs. Corazon Aquino.  Ousted by Former President Erap Estrada and replaced by Rep. Felicito Payumo.







7.  Jamby Madrigal, independent 

8.  Vetellano Acosta – KBL

9.  John Carlos de los Reyes – Ang Kapatiran

10.  Nicanor Perlas – Independent

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