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Arroyo will not get involved with Gibo's campaign

Gloria ArroyoMalacañang announced that President Arroyo will stay away from administration standard bearer Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro Jr. during the entire campaign period. In addition to that announcement, the president will  refuse to answer any question regarding politics, this is to focus her attention more on inspecting projects in her remaining days in office.

Deputy presidential spokeswoman Charito Planas said that her full attention is focused on wrapping up her position by checking every projects that are still ongoing.  It’s not a hidden fact that many administration suffered due to lack of continuity of unfinished projects of previous administrations. The president is going around the country so she can inform the next president on the completed and unfinished projects.

Gilbert Teodoro who never fails to emphasize that if ever elected he will continue the projects that the president had left, continues to lag behind in presidential polls and surveys.

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