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Lim accepts Erap’s victory

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Ex-Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim has finally  acknowledged his defeat to his rival to the post, former President Joseph Estrada.

Lim said: “Yesterday afternoon the [Commission on Elections] proclaimed the election of Erap and [Vice Mayor Isko Moreno]. We respect and acknowledge the said proclamation and wish them all the best! We would like to thank our relatives, friends and the Manileños for their support, trust and confidence in us. Thank you and god bless us all.”

The results show that it was a close fight between Estrada and Lim, who were friends before turned rivals.

Lim received 308,544 votes for a close margin of 35,449 in favor of Estrada.

Estrada transferred his residence to Manila last year, following his service of  2 decades as mayor of San Juan and became senator, vice-president and president.


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