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Antonio Tiu appeals to critics to spare his family

 A very emotional  Antonio Tiu on Wednesday said that it is foul to  attack him and his family. He is appealing to the critics to leave  his family out of the controversy regarding  the corruption accusations against Vice President Jejomar Binay.

During a press conference, Tiu could not help but become emotional while telling the media that the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee investigation on the supposed anomalies of the vice president is affecting his security and his family’s..

He pointed that  kidnapping is a serious matter to Chinese-Filipino families.

When the chinese businessman was asked for any  appeal  to President Aquino, Tiu said: "Wag sana madamay ang pamilya."

He also presented a picture of him receiving a Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award from no less than President Aquino.


article source: abs cbn news

  • Jon O.P.

    i dont recall anybody dragging this guy’s family into the controversy he got himself in. hell, we dont even know if this guy is married and have children. what the F is he talking about?

  • inaanokobayashi

    This Family ?

  • kingfisher

    Every filipino should understand that Chinese are controlling our Philippine economies for centuries since the time of Limahong. Even the price of salt are dictated by them up to how much filipinos should be paid for working in their companies. In short, chinese businessmen are the modern SLAVE MASTERS and filipinos are the modern slaves in our own country. They may be chinese-filipinos but they are foreigners practicing their own customs, values and forbidden to intermarry with filipinos but most of all they are here legally stealing wealth from filipinos. Most of them are mall owners and traders. Chinese should not blame anyone for exposing themselves into kidnapping for ransom. Their greediness of wealth and unfair labor practices are the main reasons why hungry filipinos are up against them.

    • marcella lopez

      I agree with you Kingfisher. nevertheless there are some Chinese also who adopted very well with the Pilipino culture and are very nice too. They help also in giving employment to large no. of Filipinos but there are some whom I knew are very arrogant and treated pilipinos like garbage and nobody.

    • pitzlor

      Partly we are also to be blamed with this anomaly because many of our fellow countrymen sold their rights to this aliens, we allowed them to prosper and corrupt our government.. while many Filipinos sell their votes during elections to greedy candidates, this Chinese aliens hugely funds the candidates like investments with big returns later on.. we are basically going to the drain soon.. poor landless slave & hungry Filipino people as you may say, why? because we allow them to do so..

  • marcella lopez

    Antonio Tiu must be reminded always of the Law of cause and effect.
    That for every action there must be an equal and corresponding reaction. That’s we ca;ll; the Law of Karma also. You are reaping now everything that what you saw. you reap. You betrayed the country that has given you and your family haven to live in security and comfort for so many years in favor of one person who equally was accused of taking advantage of his constituents in Makati by enriching himself without limit. It is not too late to rectify your mistakes. restore your integrity and peace which was being denied to you by the concern people of the Phil. You are a smart person , you ll know how to do that. Just be guided by your conscience Mr. Tiu

  • fner perez

    If Tiu truly loves his family, then he should not have been embroiled further with these political thugs. He was already caught by then COA commissioner Heidi re the over-priced hospital equipment. He should have taken another route. However Tiu is greedy and dug deeper with Binay. Now he hides again using his family as his shield. Are we suppose to buy this again?

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