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Aquino did not accept Butch Abad’s resignation

 President Aquino has reportedly rejected the resignation of Budget Secretary Florencio Butch Abad in the middle of the controversial  disbursement acceleration program (DAP).

The President made it known  before the Cabinet meeting started  where Abad was supposed to present the proposed 2015 national budget.

In his remarks, Aquino said: "Yesterday, Secretary Abad gave me a letter tendering his resignation from the Cabinet and I’ve considered the same and I’ve decided not to accept his resignation. Let me explain why."

"The notion in the current atmosphere is DAP was bad for our people. Even our most vociferous critics grant that DAP has benefited to our people. To accept his resignation is to assign to him a wrong and I cannot accept the notion that doing right by our people is a wrong. And I think the whole Cabinet should be made aware of this."

For days, it was his representative that said that DAP was not plundered nor squandered, and that in fact it has benefited the public. This was the first time of President Aquino to address the issue, following the Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional.

In addition to that, the Palace  vouched its Cabinet members enforcing  DAP programs are good people.

 Malacanang added that it will account for DAP in the right  time as it considers  an appeal of the ruling.

The decision of Supreme Court cited  the doctrine of operative fact and asked implementors of the DAP to prove good faith in implementing the program.

Meanwhile, Abad has not yet made his own statement. Abad was Aquino’s campaign manager during the 2010 elections.

article source: abs cbn news

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