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De Lima not in favor of releasing Napoles’list


This was the word used by Justice Secretary Leila De Lima if Napoles’ list will be exposed. De Lima has been rejecting the appeals of releasing the list of Napoles that was written before her operation.

She informed the reporters she would not release this early  the list since it would cause "mayhem." She added that it is better to check Napoles’ claims first.

Former Senator Ping Lacson, who was given a list by the Napoles camp, the businesswoman listed  more than 100 people,  around 10 other senators, apart  from Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla. Lacson even said that he is happy that Napoles decided to go to De Lima, despite of what took place between him and the justice secretary,  it is the right thing to do.

De Lima stated  she would not give in to  pressure emanating from reports about Napoles’ list being released by various quarters.

She thinks the release of such list is part of the pressure to make her reveal the list. She appealed to those camp claiming they have the lists as well to stop meddling.

Meanwhile, De Lima  said she will raise the issue with Napoles’ camp if they gave out lists to other people,  that she is not aware of.

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