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Erap rids 700 ‘ghost employees’

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada announced yesterday that he will eliminate at least 700 ”ghost employees”

at the city hall.

“These ghost employees, who belong to Republic Act 15-30, report to the city hall every 15th and 30th of the month to get their salaries. They are earning salaries from the city government without doing anything,” he said in a forum yesterday.

According to Estrada, the ghost employees are all appointees of former mayor Alfredo Lim and their appointments are covered by job orders or JOs.

“I have removed some of them. They are 700. All Lim’s loyalists. I will retain those JOs whose positions are still needed by the city government,” he said.

article source:abs cbn news from philstar

Estrada explained that the city government is being strict with the budget after it was bankrupt by Lim.

article source:abs cbn news from philstar

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