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Estrada and Cayetano in a heated debate after privilege speech

Yesterday afternoon, Senator Jinggoy Estrada gave a privilege speech and in his speech, he mentioned that some of his colleagues are using the pork barrel issue for a political agenda.

“It is unfortunate that some senators have been using the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on the PDAF to advance their own political agenda,” Estrada said in his privilege speech on Wednesday.

At first Estrada didn’t give out names, but since Cayetano earlier  issued a press statement, asking for organizing a special court on all “pork” cases.

Cayetano quickly took the floor to demand explanation, however, estrada asked for a 5 minute break before answering questions.

When the session began again, Cayetano cleared that this is not about him and Estrada and definitely not about 2016, but the image of the institution. He asked Estrrada if they treated him differently from how he (Estrada) treated the witnesses in the committees when he was the one asking. Cayetano gave examples of cases of some militatry officials particularly the late Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes who then testified regarding the alleged unevenness in the military.

Estrada said he never disrespected Reyes and the other generals. He claimed that several of his colleagues have been “grandstanding” at his expense together with other senators who are being dragged to the PDAF scam.

He added that he has been very good and vowed that when he became a senator, he will maintain a good relationship to all his peers even those who betrayed his father, referring to former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada.

But Cayetano said he will fight corruption no matter what even if a colleague or friend is involved. He will always perform his sworn duty to represent the interest of the Filipino people.

“Now in the Senate, my stand remains the same even if my colleagues or dear friends are involved,” he said.

“I am not ashamed because I’m doing the right thing. Those who are doing wrong are the ones who should be ashamed,” Cayetano said in Filipino.

“The Senate has been damaged by this controversy. It is time that we prove to the Filipino people that we are capable of rising from this cloud of doubt,” Cayetano added.

  • saktolang

    di naman yata patas ang palitan ng salita. Lawyer versus Actor. Sabi nga ni SEn. Miriam ” yan ang mapala nyo sa pag boto ng artista”

  • Sinordes .

    Mr. Jinggoy Estrada are you not aware that you are in the world of
    politics? In politics a very small mistake will become a big one and a
    very good big deed you made will not be highlighted as much as the
    effort you have done. In politics there will always be a critic to your
    ways. You probably expecting that people should respect and adore you
    because you are a Senator, but who do you think you are, are you our
    God? You are just a mere man who made idiotic mistakes like us. Even if
    you become the President of the country, do you think people will care
    about you, we have our own weight to carry on. You politicians, all we
    people want from you is you do well your job, and we don’t care to your
    name just like you are acting like a superhero to the us. Since you are
    in politics with some issues to solved, you better be wiser if you don’t
    want to be irritated if someone from you colleagues try to lambaste
    you, after all it is not illegal to do that. If you are trying to cover
    some bad mistakes you did, you better face the public now while you are
    still alive, remember we have our own destiny the moment we die and you
    better prepare for that. If you really didn’t made such wrong doing and
    you cant stand the heat of your issues, you better retire now in
    politics and spent the rest of your life with your family, after all
    truth will always prevail.

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