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PNoy not closing doors on Charter Change

The chief of the country  on Wednesday said that he is considering constitutional changes and also the  adjustment of term limits for officials that could let him to serve a second six-year term.

Currently,  constitution would resrtict  Aquino who was elected in 2010 under  a single six-year term. The restriction stemmed from  the country’s experience of martial law under the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who led the country for more than two decades.

Aquino said in an interview with a local television network, was asked if  charter changes would permit him to seek a second term in 2016.

"When I got into this, I remembered it is for one term of six years," he replied.

"Now after having said that, of course I have to listen to my bosses," he said,   picking  his usual reference to the Filipino people. "But that doesn’t mean…that I will automatically chase after another term, right?"

This was Aquino’s first statement on the issue of term extension. Any constitutional changes will need a vote of three quarters  in Congress and convocation of a constitutional convention. Presently, Aquino’s supporters controls both houses of Congress.

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