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Pnoy wants solutions from Binay aside from criticisms

 President Benigno Aquino III tells  Vice President Jejomar Binay that he should give solutions and not just criticisms against the administration.

“If he thinks the administration is wanting, he should advise us. He’s a member of the Cabinet. It’s not a choice, but an obligation since he’s a member of the Cabinet,” Aquino told reporters in Laguna.

Earlier, Binay raised issues regarding governance over the spread of crimes and the commuting system that is getting worse. Aquino responded to this by sayingt that he  is free to “not to join the movement."

Aquino adnits that he does not read the entire news reports to know the full context of Binay’s assessment in his administration.

When the president was asked  if Binay still has his trust and confidence despite of the mounting  allegations of corruption, Aquino said: “These happened before his role in the Cabinet. If we are referring to his assignment in the housing sector, I think he has a lot of achievements.”

Binay is also the chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

article source: abs cbn news

  • illianni pansensoy

    Factual testimonies of former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado who has been a member of the Vice President’s political inner circle. His closer ties with the Vice President makes him a very credible witness against the despicable accusations of corruption which he revealed in persuasive documents that were presented before the Blue Ribbon sub-committee, he testified the supposed kickbacks amounting to millions of pesos, the Vice President’s ownership of various vast tracts of lands in any part of the country, including a 150 – 350 hectares of hacienda in Rosario, Batangas.
    Serious allegations of corruption hurled against Vice President Jejomar Binay were validated by the constituents through reading the authentic documents revealed by a credible witness but Vice President denied ownership of the property in Rosario, Batangas, according to him, these charges thrown against him were politically motivated to ruin his presidential bid in 2016, yet he has never answered or presented any strong evidence to nullify his ownership of the property and speak up to prove his accusers wrong, his response was to bring this case directly to the people, but time is running against him, day by day, bulk of evidence is piling up to validate the argument that he and his family systematically plunder poor people’s money at the expense of national development which buries this nation in the dungeon of extreme poverty.
    With the advent of these scandals that plagued his office which ignited public uproar, the Vice President deliberately hesitated to face the Senate hearing, describing it as a kangaroo court where his daughter is also a part of the institution, amidst the mounting evidence accumulated against him, majority of the Filipinos yearned that he should face the Senate in order to give justice to the constituents who have been craving for the truth , but he has been very adamant to face the Senate hearing which the public considers it as an act cowardice and simply validates the charges against him to be true, thus; he does not possess the courage to protect the dignity of his family and therefore is incapable to rule this country.
    Disgraceful corruption allegations against the second highest position of the political system have been dragging the whole nation towards political instabilty, intense distrust to the whole government which the public classify it as the lair of thieves, and the disintigration of political morality which the constituents perceive the whole political system as an institution of propaganda that promotes public officials’ self interested businesses instead of saving the lives of the poor masses from the murderous hands of poverty, therefore, determine bloody political upheavals from the leftist revolutions of the communists or the establishment of a military junta through coup d’etat.

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