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President Aquino confirms seeing 2 Napoles lists

President Benigno Aquino III has revealed that he has seen two lists from the supposed  pork barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles.

But the  President confessed  being “taken aback’’ by the fact that the two lists have different persons involved. The second list itself is unsigned.

“I have seen two, and they don’t agree with each other exactly, and they are supposed to have come from Mrs. Napoles,’’ he told reporters at a hotel here Sunday night before flying back to Manila.

And that  second list was the one which Napoles  personally handed to De Lima after  last April where Napoles promised to do a  tell all and wanted to becom a state witness.

Aquino even thinks that if the revelation of the list’s contents with its discrepancies could help in arriving to the truth.

“Is it safe to reveal? Even that by itself you have to resolve first. Why are there differences from the information you are getting from one witness who is supposed to be narrating facts?’’ he said.

“So one cannot escape the suspicion that instead of trying to clarify matters, [they] are trying to cloud the whole issue. That makes the process much more difficult at arriving at the truth,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr., criticizing  that they, along with Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, they are the only ones out for prosecution over the scam. tHe 3 have also called for the disclosure of the list.

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