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Senator Osmena slams Aquino again

Still not done giving his opinions oh how the the president runs the government, Sen. Sergio Osmena III criticized President Benigno Aquino anew on Tuesday for what he thinks on  his “teka-teka” attitude, saying that  it has affected the Chief Executive’s performance.

Osmena claims that not a single public-private partnership program has began since  2010,   the year when Aquino assumed the presidency.

He added that  the power problem is still  unsolved, said Osmeña, chairman of the committee on energy.

He said the President’s report card would not have a remarkable grade at the end of his term.

Earlier, Osmena was the campaign manager for the administration candidates in the last presidential election, who also showed  disappointment over how things are being handled under the Aquino administration.

The power shortage has been a problem since the Arroyo administration, and if until now it remains unsolved, the blame would be  on the current administration.

However, Osmena said he does not feel sorry for being a part of heightening Aquino’s chances in his run for presidency. He added that Aquino was still the best candidate that time, and he will make the same decision all over again.

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