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Subpoena for ‘Benhur files’ signed by Drilon

A subpoena for Benhur Luy was signed by  Senate President Franklin Drilon to  produce the reported digital files on the pork barrel scam and submit it  to the Senate Blue Ribbon committee.

Pointing out that anyone who refuses to obey a subpoena without a valid explanation may be cited for contempt.

"If you deliberately and without any reason refuse to follow a subpoena, you can be cited for contempt and that is why before you cite someone for contempt, you ask for an explanation why are you defying the processes of the Senate, why are you defying the subpoena. I want to emphasize that. Since contempt is a punitive action in order to enforce the power of the Senate, you ask for an explanation why one should not be cited for contempt. In other words, there is due process involved," Drilon said.

According to reports,  the Philippine Daily Inquirer used Luy’s hard drive to generate a list of lawmakers having connection in the pork barrel scam.

Drilon also continued that  there is no crisis inside the institution despite several senators linked to the scam.

He  added that the best way to recover trust of  the public is for the senators to maintain doing their duties.

article source: abs cbn news

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