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After California loss, Republicans unable to capture US Senate

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According to results and exit polls reported by US media from key toss-up states, opposition Republicans were unable to take control of the US Senate from President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party in mid-term elections on Tuesday.

Democratic victories  fought races in West Virginia tightly, and then California closed the door to Republican hopes of obtaining the 10 additional seats they needed to become a majority in the 100-member chamber.

Unfortunately, even if Republicans manage to sweep the remaining seats in play in states such as Nevada, Illinois, Pensylvania and Alaska, they could still not achieve the magic number of 50 senators.

Earlier in the evening Democratic West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin won his Senate bid against Republican businessman John Raese.

Republicans, who already have four Senate seats from the Democrats, were leading in Pensylvania and Illinois, where Obama’s former seat is at stake, however, the races were still too close to call.

Also in for the grab was the Nevada seat of Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate leader, who faced a tough challenge from  “Tea Party” candidate Sharron Angle.

However, Republicans were on track to take control of the 435-seat House of Representatives.

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