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Extension of unemployment benefits, signed by President Obama


The  U.S. lawmakers has voted to bring back the extended jobless benefits. President Barack Obama reportedly supports it that he signed the $34 billion measure into law Thursday,  halting  a political clash that had cut off benefits to more than 2.5 million people nationwide.

According to Ann Hatchitt, spokeswoman for the Texas Workforce Commission, the approved measure will restore unemployment payments for about 150,000 jobless Texans whose benefits have run out since early June, said .

"We’ve been asking all those people to continue filing their payment requests so we can keep track of whether they’re still unemployed," she said. "Now we will get caught up in seven to 10 days."

The measure states that people who have applied their standard unemployment benefits will be able to carry on receiving extended payments until November.  Aside  from that, they will also fet aid retroactively that they would have gotten if benefits hadn’t lapsed, Hatchitt said.

Unemployed people in Texas,  are entitled for up to 26 weeks of state-funded unemployment insurance, paid for by state employer taxes.

Because of federal extensions adopted due to recession, benefits can last up to 93 weeks in Texas and up to 99 weeks in harder-hit states.

Both Democrats and Republicans spent the past few weeks struggling how to pay for the latest extension of jobless benefits. Democrats pointed out that the cost should be added to the deficit, while Republicans’argument is to use unused funds from last year’s economic stimulus package.

The Democrats prevailed. The Senate passed the measure Wednesday, and the House followed suit Thursday.

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